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Vikas is an expert on India-Europe business and in particular India and the Netherlands. He is an advisor to top multinationals corporates in India and Europe. He is closely working with various governmental bodies and plays a catalyst role in business expansion between India and Europe. His work has been recognized by various government bodies and institutions.

Vikas currently is Founder Chairman India Dutch Financial Corridor, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Netherlands Chapter), ASSOCHAM Europe and Europe India Chamber of Commerce (Netherlands).

Vikas is a third generation Indian entrepreneur. He is a Managing Director and founder of Valuecent Group (which has roots in real estate business dating back since 1926). Today it is a diversified group having presence into other ventures as well i.e. Corporate secretarial services (www.athos-group.com), Digital accounting (www.e7apo.com), and India Inbound Consultancy (www.valuecent.in).

In past, Vikas was a senior tax director of PwC Netherlands working in International Tax Services division. During his stay at PwC he was leading India desk of PwC Netherlands. Vikas played a significant role in setting up PwC's Europe India Business Group.

Vikas has over 19 years’ experience in advising Indian and European multinationals on international tax matters. He holds experience in Accounting, Indian corporate tax issues, Indian tax litigation, structuring cross border corporate acquisitions, Joint ventures in India, Dutch corporate tax issues and International tax issues.

Vikas has been actively involved in field of women empowerment and enhancing livelihood of farmers in India. He sits on the board of Women on Wings (www.womenonwings.com) which has co-created over 200,000 jobs for women in rural India. Objective of Women on Wings is to co-create employment for 1 million women in rural India. He has closely worked with European foundation Het Groene Woudt (www.shgw.nl) to generate employment for over 20,000 farmers in Kerala and Uttrakhand.